Fundación San Martín de Porres
( F U S A M P )

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“Option for the poor, the hungry and thirsty


               For reservations, please call:

Working Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM  Monday - Saturday


   Spanish:   (829) 533-5119                  

  English/Spanish:  (787) 409-9221 / (787) 326-9300


‿Three big bedrooms

    (three bunk beds, three full size          beds, two queen air beds)

‿Living and dining room

‿Fully equipped kitchen

‿Two bathrooms, three showers

‿Screens in windows and doors

‿Balcony and terrace

‿Camping area



‿Water heater



‿Washing machine

‿Gas stove


St. Martin de Porres Community

Paraje Paralimón

San José de las Matas D.R.

For rent in the countryside

with all modern facilities




Living Room

Graduated Chef

(available on request)

Back of the House


   Two day stay:                       RD 1,699.00 per day

   Three days and more:          RD 1,599.00 per day

    Note: Stay only; does not include other services.

             Some restrictions apply.

     For US$ and Euros daily exchange: click here.


Padre William Loperena

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