Fundación San Martín de Porres
( F U S A M P )

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“Option for the poor, the hungry and thirsty

“Renewal always comes from the edges of institutional life and it is in those that the institutions tend to marginalize, that future hope is always born? -John Selby Spong

    The St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church (Iglesia Católica San Martín de Porres) from Bayamón, PR, provides spiritual assistance to the Foundation.

     This is a virtual church. She displays the full qualities of the official church without its institutional limitations. It is an inclusive community and does not own any properties. Our services are available whenever the official church cannot or will not give needed pastoral care.

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Virtual Church

During Mass

everybody receives

Holy Communion:

?the concubines

?the divorced

?the drunk

?the children,

 even those who have not  done    first communion

?the babies in the arms  of their  mothers

?the Haitians

Consecration words: “Take this, all of you, and eat ...