Fundación San Martín de Porres
( F U S A M P )

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“Option for the poor, the hungry and thirsty

  The Saint Martin de Porres Foundation was unanimously designated by the Council for the Construction of the Aqueduct by Gravity Jamamú-Sajoma, to manage and supervise the fundraising and the adequate and transparent use of these funds.

  Our commitment is only and exclusively with the construction of the aqueduct by gravity by and for the people of San José de las Matas, D.R.

 For this purpose a contract  has been signed with Eng. Braulio Polanco and Eng.  Julio Puello: Construcciones Civiles y Electromecánicas (CONCIMECA).

Tels: 829-616-4336 / 809-747-3569

  The founders of the Council had already constructed a rustic dam in the Jamamú river. The contract with CONCIMECA includes the design and the installation of a 27 kilometers  20’x16‿pipeline , and the construction of two water reservoir tanks at the entrance of  town.

   The project’s cost has been estimated  in the amount of US 87,800.000 and includes a water purification plant to make the water potable and a waste water system plant.

  All necessary licenses, permits and certifications has been processed by the concerned Dominican government agencies.

 This project has been favored by his Excelency the President of the Dominican Republic: Dr. Leonel Fernández Reina; the Hon. Senator Dr. Julio Cesar Valentin, and by the Energy Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

   At  present all efforts are made to obtain financing for this project that is ready to start immediately.

Aqueduct by Gravity Jamamú-Sajoma











Cooperation is also sought with local interests and the population in general

for the development of closely related further infrastructures.

For the latest developments, listen to an interview on Radio Sierra 91.9 FM.            Click Español (above)

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