Fundación San Martín de Porres
( F U S A M P )

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“Option for the poor, the hungry and thirsty


San José de las Matas

‿Has a high level of unemployment

‿Most people lack any form of income

‿Living conditions are at survival level

‿The Public Hospital is in need of everything essential

•There is a Home for the Elderly attended by religious.

    The Foundation does much to provide in the most urgent individual needs of the people living in the communities of Paralimón, Dajao, Maquén, Álbana, El Paraíso, and does also the necessary in the town, e.g. providing medical equipment for the hospital, for the Debor Clinic Foundation and for the Home for the Elderly.

    Through our agropecuarian project,

    we want to create a regional

     self-sustainable model,

    so that  people can discover

    how to provide

    in their most essential needs.

    In this region, the lands, fit for agropecuarian use, are in the hands of the big landowners, who do not allow the people to cultivate them.

  To change this unequal situation, the development of the  “San Martín Community" property is indispensable.

Our Projects and Services

Immediate Charitable Help for our Communities
Members and volunteers from the Foundation travel frequently to the Dominican Republic from Puerto Rico to distribute:
food, medicines, medical equipment, school supplies and products for  personal care  to impoverished and isolated areas of San José de las Matas, Santiago and the Haitian Frontier.


Teaching goes as far as  the fourth grade due to:
‿lack of schools and teachers
‿ students have to walk more than a hour to reach the school
‿the road is frequently inaccessible
‿child labor:Parents need the help of their children at home or      planting

                    To help with this situation

‿we give lectures about environmental protection
 and donate materials to the school in Paralimón and                     surrounding areas

‿grants has been provided to nine (9) students of different           ages  and in several disciplines

‿we have a waiting list for evaluation and direct follow-up.

Health Care

The absence of transportation and the conditions of the country roads do not allow access to medical services.
When ever possible, the Foundation provides medical services to isolated areas in coordination with the local Hospital and the Debor Clinic Foundation, accomplishing much appreciated attention of the Directors for the referred patients.

The Environment
We promote forest protection and soil conservation, using adequate resources and planning for a balanced economical development of the rural families.

Spiritual Attention
•There is a great absence of services provided by priests
‿During our stay we try to provide some spiritual relieve              wherever possible.

Food Cultivation

‿A group of 30 house wives in Paralimón, receive seeds and       fertilizers to plant and cultivate them in their little home gardens   to feed their families.

‿Farmers from our community use assigned parts of our land,      at no cost to them,  to  cultivate the crops they need to feed       their families.

Water Supply

We are in the process of obtaining financing for an aqueduct project for the whole town and its rural communities.

    All our services are available in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean.

    Particular circumstances such as the aforementioned land donation led us to concentrate on our services to the people of San José de las Matas in the Dominican Republic.









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